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Mobile Advertising, Clustering Algorithms, and Your Ticket for a Free Ride

Because of some pretty bad-ass data science and Google’s ever-increasing awesomeness, it looks like one day in the not too distant future, we will all be able to get a free (or heavily-discounted) ride. A taxi ride, that is.What’s the catch?.?. Well...

Posted May 4, 2014    

A Brazen Expose on Big Data in the Government Sector

A few weeks back, I was contacted by Tamsin Rutter of The Guardian’s Public Leaders Network. She asked me if I would like to participate in Guardian’s online debate about big data in the government sector. Given my experience with this, I was more...

Posted April 19, 2014    

So, You Want To Be A Data Scientist?

  Why would you want to go and do that?Maybe it is not so much that you want to be a data scientist… maybe it is that you either need to be a data scientist or you need to hire one. No matter the field in which you’re working, recent data...

Posted January 13, 2013    

Getting Trashy with FDEP Solid Waste Data

Environmental Intelligence DashboardIf you’re planning your next trip to Disney World, you’re probably wondering what the waste scene looks like here in Our-lando. Well, wonder no longer - Big Data Gal to the rescue! Here is a...

Posted December 28, 2012    

Big Data and Crowdsourcing in Humanitarian Crisis Mapping

Last Thursday, I attended a webinar that was called Monitoring Humanitarian Crises in the Digital Age: Crisis Mapping, Crowdsourcing, and Satellite Imagery. The webinar was hosted by Harvard University’s Program on Humanitarian Policy and...

Posted December 17, 2012    

The Real Value of Big Data

HADOOP FOR BIG DATAAround 80% of data from “big data” is unstructured. With this massive quantity of unstructured data, businesses need faster, more reliable and deeper data insights. Therefore, big data solutions based on Hadoop and other analytics...

Posted December 5, 2012