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Cloud-Based BI for On-Premise Data

The title of this article is no oxymoron. Why should cloud-based Business Intelligence (Cloud BI) solutions be limited to cloud-based data only? In fact, you should expect your Cloud BI solutions to work well with all your data, including on-premise...

Posted July 9, 2013    

Real-Time Access to SaaS Data

IntroductionData stored in SaaS applications is often inaccessible to BI tools. This is a major headache to early adopters of SaaS applications. With on-premise applications, IT departments can bypass the application and access data directly from...

Posted May 8, 2013    

Animated Data Visualization

Animation for the sake of catching the viewer's eye without adding information can quickly become an annoyance. However, when used correctly, animation can greatly improve the visualization by increasing the information density.A great use of...

Posted March 8, 2013    

Broadening the Reach of Self-Service BI

The necessity of self-service is obvious once you realize that traditional BI has limited reach within user communities. For example, BI dashboards are typically tailored to the needs of decision makers and leave out a broader group of analytically-...

Posted December 17, 2012    

2012 Presidential Elections Popular Vote

The following chart is a good example of displaying diverging data using color. We set “50%” as the neutral point and show higher values in one color and lower values in another color. We show “50%” as white and the color gets darker as values...

Posted November 20, 2012    

Visualizing Data Correlation Using an XY Chart

The XY chart is great for visualizing relationships between numerical data and finding correlations. Data can be presented as a scatter plot or a bubble chart. Let’s start with a scatter plot using an example.Our example is based on a table of crime...

Posted July 6, 2012