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How Big Data and the Internet of Things Make Our World Smarter

March 31, 2015 by Bernard Marr

The Big Data Guru column. 

The Internet of Things (combined with big data) is reaching further into our lives every day. And while some of these innovations are just super cool, others may need to get the kinks ironed out before they become part of our everyday lives.[read more]


The Data Lake Debate: Questioning the Pro

March 27, 2015 by Anne Buff

The Data Lake Debate.

Technology is not the answer for every big data issue (well any data for that matter). I get it - Hadoop and the concept of data lakes are hot topics. However, just because they are trending in the world of technology does not mean that they will solve critical business issues such as taking full advantage of an organization’s data. I stand firm that data storage, data lake or any other type, is not the essential element for an organization to take full advantage of its data.[read more]


Book Review: Bernard Marr's "Big Data"

March 20, 2015 by SDC Staff

Bernard Marr's book, Big Data.

This book takes a very complex subject and makes it accessible and easily digestible. It’s essential reading for anyone wanting to understand how data and analytics can improve their business. But it’s also an invaluable guide for data experts who struggle to communicate their knowledge to colleagues in the boardroom.[read more]


Data Lakes and Network Optimization: What’s Next for Telecommunications and Big Data

March 31, 2015 by Sameer Nori


Relational data warehouses served communications service providers well in the past, but it’s time to start thinking beyond columns and rows. Unstructured data will be the fuel that powers risk management and decision-making in the near future. And to use all sorts of data to its fullest potential, we need new ways of storing, accessing and analyzing that data.[read more]

Why 2015 Will Be Year of Big Data: Oracle's Five Predictions

March 31, 2015 by Jenny Richards

Big data.

Long before the Internet and the inception of “big data,” Oracle has been dealing with big datatype loads through parallel databases. With the growing supremacy of personal and business data globally, many of the world businesses have turned their eyes towards the possible gains to their bottom-line that said data could contribute.[read more]

3 Things You Really Should Know About Other People’s Cloud VMs

March 30, 2015 by Natalie Lehrer

Cloud VMs.

The joys of using a virtual machine in the cloud are similar to those of living in an apartment. A condo (virtual machine) costs less than a house (your own server), and somebody else takes care of the apartment block (cloud server) as a whole and mowing the lawn. On the other hand apartment block drawbacks can include noisy neighbors, careless tenants, and burglars sneaking into the building to break into apartments from the inside. It turns out that multi-tenancies in cloud computing and physical accommodation have a lot in common.[read more]

3 Customer Acquisition Strategies to Ensure Your Brand Is Not a "One Night Brand"

March 30, 2015 by Larisa Bedgood

One night brand.

We all need to focus on retaining new customers to grow our business. So how do you go about acquiring profitable new customers? And where do you find them? Not all consumers are created equal. Some are willing to pay a premium for your service and are more apt to become loyal customers. Others could care less about your brand and are simply shopping for the lowest price possible before they move on to the next company.[read more]

The Change You Can’t See, or What’s Your Horse Carcass?

March 30, 2015 by MIKE20 Governance Association


This year has seen a return to the norm. Some of the hyped technologies like 3-D printing turn out to have more application in business than the home. Freed from looking to consumers, business has renewed confidence to innovate from the ground-up. This, in-turn, has the potential to accelerate innovation and enable disruptive rather than evolutionary trends.[read more]

Big Data Quality: What’s Old is New Again

March 29, 2015 by Gayle Nixon

Big data quality.

So many new applications and platforms offer sophisticated ways to analyze and manipulate Big Data, but they lack capabilities to adequately standardize, enrich and match complex data sets. As a result, organizations realize that they first have to ensure the reliability and quality of data lakes and enterprise data hubs before their contents can be utilized by any downstream applications.[read more]


A Look at How Keyless SSL Works

March 28, 2015 by Anand Srinivasan

Secure socket layer.

Secure Socket Layer, or SSL for short, is one of the key elements to providing a safe and secure web transaction. Websites that offer financial services or handle confidential user information have for long used SSL technology to encrypt such sensitive data and thus deter hackers from stealing them.[read more]

From Social Listening and Social Media Analytics to Social Data Intelligence

March 27, 2015 by Julie Hong

Christophe Folschette.

The early adopters who first saw the value of social listening and analytics were all communications specialists and early pioneers in digital marketing. But almost overnight, the sector exploded and went mainstream, across management silos in enterprises large and small, traditional and new. The birth of the digital native confronted corporates with a new set of challenges, and opportunities.[read more]

IT Security Lessons from the World’s Biggest Data Breaches

March 27, 2015 by Kyle Cebull

Data breach.

Of the top 4 data breaches in the world, 3 of them were executed by hackers. This is important to understand, because it will help you as a small business determine how to set up your technology, infrastructure and network in such a way as to avoid being susceptible to hackers. What can you do to protect your business’ data?[read more]

“I Need to Get All This Data Together!”

March 26, 2015 by Larisa Bedgood

Data and the customer.

Getting your data together is crucial, but by no means as difficult as it sounds. As technology increasingly improves, there is really no reason why data integration shouldn’t be a part of your marketing infrastructure. And the benefits far outweigh the costs.[read more]

5 Challenges Facing the Internet of Things

March 26, 2015 by MIKE20 Governance Association

The internet of things.

Our constant need to be connected has expanded beyond smartphones and tablets into a wider network of interconnected objects. These objects, often referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT), have the ability to communicate with other devices and are constantly connected to the internet in order to record, store and exchange data.[read more]

Binge Viewing and Skinny Bundles: What’s a Provider to Do?

March 26, 2015 by Robert Passikoff

What do people want to watch?

Today the average home in the U.S. receives 189 TV channels. Currently advertised packages have a lot more, but again, most of which viewers never watch, let alone name. Guess how many they actually do watch. If you said, “17,” you’d be correct. But with binge viewing growing, that number may be too restrictive even for the most budget-conscious viewer. Maybe a “medium bundle” with a slightly slower binge metabolism will be the answer.[read more]

The Debate Continues: The Future Impact of Net Neutrality on the Cloud

March 25, 2015 by MIKE20 Governance Association

Net neutrality.

The debate over Net Neutrality is far from over. While the recent ruling by the FCC to classify broadband internet as a public utility may have changed the argument, debates will undoubtedly still continue to take place. The effects the decision has on the web will likely not be felt, let alone understood, for many years to come, but that hasn’t stopped speculation over what a neutral internet will actually look like and how companies and internet service providers (ISPs) will be impacted.[read more]

Analysis Reveals Dramatic Rise in UK Tech Investments

March 25, 2015 by Eran Levy

Tech investment.

Data has always played a crucial role when deciding on investments, trying to understand funding trends and emerging industries or products. Luckily, relevant data is readily available online — one of our favorite databases being Crunchbase, the most comprehensive source for startup activity. But how do you make sense of large datasets in order to quickly recognize trends and draw conclusions?[read more]

Top Technology Considerations When Opening a New Office

March 25, 2015 by Kyle Cebull

New office?

A little overwhelmed? It’s a lot to do and by no means is this an all-inclusive list of considerations. When it comes to the expansion of your organization you shouldn’t leave it in the hands of a single technology resource or administrative role. Make sure that you engage a professional to help you plan strategically for the long term and choose the technology infrastructure, phone service, hardware, software and manage all the details.[read more]


Big Data: 6 Things a Data Scientist Can Learn from a Pastry Chef

March 24, 2015 by Bernard Marr

The Big Data Guru column.

Data analysis and chocolate cake? Cookies and data visualization? They don’t seem to have much in common — except that they might both show up at a board room table — but being an effective data scientist and a consummate pastry chef have more in common than you might think.[read more]