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3 Use Cases of How General Motors Applies Big Data to Become Profitable Again

September 2, 2014 by Mark van Rijmenam

General motors.

Currently General Motors is in the middle of the IT-transformation, where instead of doing only 10% of the IT work in-house, 90% of it will be done in-house by the end of 2015. They are hiring 12.000 IT personnel and the objective is to have 10.000 of its IT personnel work on new developments by 2018.[read more]

Wave of Cloud Security Concerns After Another Celebrity Leak

September 1, 2014 by Natalie Lehrer

Cloud security concerns.

Posters on 4chan and Reddit are claiming that the celebrities were hacked through Apple’s iCloud platform, but this has yet to be verified. Though Apple does not exactly offer the highest security protocol, with end to end 128-bit AES encryptions, the inclusion of videos to the ransom makes the weaknesses of iCloud as the only culprit highly improbable.[read more]

Data Driven Lingerie?

September 2, 2014 by Ajay Kelkar

Data driven lingerie?

True & co is an interesting company that combines data and design to create an opportunity for consumers to share data with the company, thereby improving the appropriateness of the product to the customer. True & co claims to be the first company to fit women into their favourite bra with a fit quiz – no fitting rooms, no measuring tape, no photos.[read more]


Derailing Your Supply Chain BI Project

September 1, 2014 by Ray Major

Derailing a project.

Remind people that data doesn’t kill dreams. A Supply Chain Business Intelligence initiative is not a funeral service for their creativity. Quite the opposite, in fact. The insights they gain from BI will pave the way for the boldest, most creative options you’ve ever considered as a business.[read more]

12 Big Data One-to-One Marketing Myths [INFOGRAPHIC]

August 31, 2014 by Mark van Rijmenam

Big data myths.

Big Data and marketing is a powerful combination. With the vast amounts of data available internally, but even more externally, any organisation can reap the benefits from a customer data driven approach. Unfortunately, many organisations are not that far yet and are finding excuses not to go ahead with a customer-focused Big Data strategy.[read more]


5 Powerful Ways Retailers Can Leverage Big Data and Hadoop

August 30, 2014 by Michele Nemschoff

Leverage big data and Hadoop.

Big data isn’t just for developers and analysts in the technical arena. In today’s digital age, big data has become a powerful tool across industries. In fact, many retailers are experiencing major growth thanks to the big data industry. According to research by Monetate, retailers have big plans in store for big data. Let’s take a look at big data initiatives throughout the retail industry.[read more]

From Sensors to Big Data: Chicago Is Becoming a Smart City [VIDEO]

August 29, 2014 by Mark van Rijmenam


Smart cities that contain smart energy grids will be a lot more efficient with their energy. A smart grid will be able to manage all the electric vehicles that requires energy. It will be able to sense the amount of citizens present in time and location and adjust lighting accordingly. Smart grids will help community buildings also save a lot of energy and become more efficient.[read more]

IBM’s Watson Officially Available to Public

August 29, 2014 by Natalie Lehrer


IBM has mentioned that it will release Watson as a cloud service for all to use. Watson has been released into the cloud in test and limited release scenarios. Today marks the first time that any organization can reap the benefits of having Watson run in their cloud.[read more]

Where on Earth Are My Users?

August 29, 2014 by Thu Pham

Where are your users logging in?

IT administrators have plenty of logs to pour through. With a bit of digging, admins can discover where login attempts are coming from, but doing this for every application, server, and network appliance is a fair bit of work. Logs are also inherently noisy.[read more]

Understanding and Analyzing the Hidden Structures of a Unstructured Data Set

August 28, 2014 by Kunal Jain

Data set.

The key to using unstructured data set is to identify the hidden structures in the data set. This enables us to convert it to a structured and more usable format.In this article we will talk in more details to understand the data structure and clean unstructured text to make it usable for the modelling exercise.[read more]

Big Data Gets Creative: 10 Big Data Kickstarters Turning Data Into Impact

August 28, 2014 by Tracey Wallace

Big data Kickstarters.

It just might be your turn to invest.Knowing that innovative genius doesn't depend on monetary status, we went ahead and rounded up the coolest big data projects being masterminded behind-the-conglomerate-scenes. From art to fitness, books to video games, big data is making a big impact – and it just might be your turn to invest.[read more]

The Social Login Debate: LinkedIn's Weird Absence

August 28, 2014 by Rishi Shah

Social logins.

The trend toward social login – and improved user experiences – continues across the internet as Facebook and Google+ compete for a larger market share. Publishers, game developers, retailers, brands, agencies and aspiring bloggers such as myself see an enormous opportunity in social registration.[read more]


Connecting the Data Dots Keeps These Companies Alive

August 27, 2014 by Tamara Dull

The Big Data MOPS Series.

What do the following companies have in common: Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Orbitz, Airbnb, Angie’s List,, OpenTable, and Uber? They’re all online; they have no brick-&-mortar presence. If their website or mobile app is unavailable, it’s as if they don’t exist.[read more]

Are There Alternatives to Data Hoarding?

August 27, 2014 by MIKE20 Governance Association

Data hoarding.

“In a microsecond economy,” Becca Lipman recently blogged, “most data is only useful in the first few milliseconds, or to an extent, hours after it is created. But the way the industry is collecting data, or more accurately, hoarding it, you’d think its value lasts a lifetime.[read more]

The Employee of the Future [INFOGRAPHIC]

August 27, 2014 by Jon Smith

Wearable technology.

Technology is progressing at an astonishing rate and none more so than wearable tech. Despite this wearables are still very much a niche product and a buzzword for many but some organisations are already reaping the benefits from their employees using smartwatches, health monitors and even treadmill desks.[read more]


Big Data Education: Why Learning Will Never Be the Same

August 26, 2014 by Bernard Marr

The Big Data Guru column.

Big data and technology is probably not going to be the panacea for all of education’s woes. I believe that it is critical that we build the technology alongside the vital role of great teachers and not alienate them through the use of data and analytics. In the end, as with every industry, understanding and applying the data and analytics processes to education will yield positive results and ultimately benefit teachers and students.[read more]

Untangling the Retail Supply Chain with Real-Time Analytics

August 26, 2014 by Dale Skeen

Untangling the retail supply chain.

Retail supply chains are longer and more tangled than ever before – the complexity of the data sets and the management of far-flung suppliers coupled with high customer expectations around service and reliability are taxing traditional approaches to supply chain management to their limits.[read more]


Spark the Flame: The Power Behind Real Time Analytics

August 26, 2014 by Gil Allouche

Real time analytics/ 

Real time data analytics is like a burning fire. Consider this analogy. Once a spark catches, several chemical and physical changes occur. The fuel (data) is processed while heat (or data outcomes) is simultaneously emitted. Once the process of data streaming begins, it is seamless and very efficient. The process will continue to be efficient as long as data is fed into the system.[read more]