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Big Data


Moving Towards a Fully Mobilized Workforce

February 10, 2015 by Rick Delgado

Mobilized workforce.

As a result, they don’t think to protect them, making them vulnerable to external cyber attacks. A great range of enterprise apps will need to be introduced, with the right amount of security, before people can fully switch to mobile.[read more]


How Big Data Is Revolutionizing the Credit Scoring Industry

February 9, 2015 by Anand Srinivasan

Credit score.

It will be a while before such disruptive new technologies make their way to mainstream lending via banking institutions. At present, most companies owning such alternate credit worthiness measurement systems have their own lending infrastructure. The next decade should see such technologies find greater adoption among banks.[read more]

Big Data Research Agenda and Trends Are Bolder in 2015

February 9, 2015 by Mark Smith

Big data research.

Big data has become a big deal as the technology industry has invested tens of billions of dollars to create the next generation of databases and data processing. After the accompanying flood of new categories and marketing terminology from vendors, most in the IT community are now beginning to understand the potential of big data. Ventana Research thoroughly covered the evolving state of the big data and information optimization sector in 2014 and will continue this research in 2015 and beyond.[read more]

How the Internet of Things Will Change the Workplace

February 8, 2015 by Jon Smith


The Internet of Things is set to revolutionise life at home and at work. In business, this huge network of connected or ‘smart’ devices has the potential to save time and resources, and create new opportunities for growth.[read more]


Why Are Mid-Market Companies Waiting to Embrace Big Data?

February 7, 2015 by Mithun Sridharan

Big insight.

Though many companies endorse the potential benefits of Big Data, very few are actually giving this development some serious thought. Particularly, many mid-market companies view this trend with much skepticism and closely seek confirmation from their risk affine industry peers. Among the numerous factors that hamper Big Data adoption in this sector, the most dominant is the Penguin Effect.[read more]


Why the Future of Digital Asset Management Hinges on Big Data

February 6, 2015 by Anand Srinivasan

Steve Jobs.

Lately, the scope of digital asset management tools has been growing from merely storing and cataloguing data to integrate with transactional business intelligence and analytics tool to provide more useful information.[read more]

The Market Is Hot, But How Many Quants Are Changing Jobs?

February 5, 2015 by Linda Burtch

Being a quantitative recruiter, I have had a unique perspective on the current climate and how it has changed over the years. From the talent shortage and relocation challenges of 2007 to the incredible employee turnover in 2011 to the building of the data science hype in 2014, the Big Data hiring market is starting to move even faster and is quickly picking up steam.[read more]


Eliminate Fear of Failure with Gamification

February 4, 2015 by Rick Delgado


Gamification allows employees to confront failure in a setting deemed safe and fun. People don’t enjoy failure and often go to great lengths to avoid even the very prospect of it, but sometimes to succeed, risks have to be taken. By helping workers overcome this fear with gamification, businesses can ensure future success and a more confident environment.[read more]


Big Data: Careful! When Correlations Go Crazy

February 3, 2015 by Bernard Marr

The Big Data Guru column.

In the world of big data, strange truths about the world begin to emerge. Orange cars are the most reliable used cars to buy. Prepaid phone card sales can predict unrest in Africa. And women with larger breasts spend more money online. That last one comes from a recent study released by Alibaba, the Chinese website that hopes to be the next Amazon. Data analysts looking at data points for ladies’ underwear sales noticed that women who purchased larger bra sizes spent more online overall.[read more]

Integration of Big Data Involves Challenges

February 3, 2015 by Mark Smith

Big data has great promise for many organizations today, but they also need technology to facilitate integration of various data stores, as I recently pointed out. Our big data integration benchmark research makes it clear that organizations are aware of the need to integrate big data, but most have yet to address it.[read more]

Are You Still Torturing Your Data?

February 2, 2015 by Timo Elliott

Torturing your data.

Are you still torturing your data to get what you want? There’s now a better way. The next generation of business analytics tools include more “magic“, — in other words, they automatically analyze the data for you and make default proposals for what you might find interesting.[read more]


Will the Cloud Replace In-House Big Data Centers?

January 29, 2015 by Rick Delgado

Big data.

It will all come down to what companies value the most -- saving on data center costs or keeping sensitive data close at hand. While the future is uncertain, large data centers will continue to be a part of business, whether through cloud computing vendors or the companies that keep them on-premise.[read more]


Let’s Get Our Facts Straight About Big Data Privacy

January 28, 2015 by Tamara Dull

The Big Data MOPS Series. 

In this big data world in which we live, we are being forced to address privacy issues - whether we want to or not – as consumers, citizens, and employees in the private and public sectors. Let’s get our facts straight about big data privacy and help others do the same.[read more]

Business Analytics Error: Learn from Uber’s Mistake During the Sydney Terror Attack

January 24, 2015 by RK Paleru


Recently, as a sad day of terror ended in Sydney, a bad case of Uber’s analytical approach to pricing came to light - an “algorithm based price surge.” Uber’s algorithm driven price surge started overcharging people fleeing the Central Business District (CBD) of Sydney following the terror attack.[read more]

Free Data Sources to Upgrade Your Business Decision-Making

January 19, 2015 by Eran Levy


We know by now that data is essential to the modern business. Everyone collects it, and most have some sort of analysis plan or software in place. But what a lot of companies still haven’t gotten the hang of is using outside data sources to boost their strategic decision-making. This requires a BI software that can combine your internal data with third-party sources, to analyze it and gain new insights.[read more]