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Business Rules

Business Analytics Error: Learn from Uber’s Mistake During the Sydney Terror Attack

January 24, 2015 by RK Paleru


Recently, as a sad day of terror ended in Sydney, a bad case of Uber’s analytical approach to pricing came to light - an “algorithm based price surge.” Uber’s algorithm driven price surge started overcharging people fleeing the Central Business District (CBD) of Sydney following the terror attack.[read more]

Aligning Big Data

January 18, 2015 by Martyn Jones

Aligning big data.

This is an overview of the realignment and placement of Big Data into a more generalized architectural framework, an architecture that integrates data warehousing (DW 2.0), business intelligence and statistical analysis.[read more]

The Internet Needs a Bill of Rights Before It's Too Late

September 25, 2014 by Tracey Wallace

Digital marketing and advertising ecosystem.

The Internet is our greatest shared resource, and recently, it's status as a forever renewable resource has been called into question. To thank for that? Lawmakers and lobbyists looking to make a quick buck or two off of a service we have all come to know as "utility."[read more]

Big Data Jargon We All Need to Reign In, Right Now

August 5, 2014 by Tracey Wallace

What do you really mean by "digital," and is there really anything today that is not digital? Does digital just mean connected? Does it mean a device? What do I mean when I call a company a digital company? Do you only need have a website to be considered such?[read more]


Big Data Is Changing Every Industry, Even Yours!

July 1, 2014 by Bernard Marr

The Big Data Guru column.

For a business, the ability to have its production, stock control, distribution and security systems all connected and talking to each other will mean greater efficiency and less waste. Every area of industry is learning to reap the benefits of big data analysis, and it looks certain that finding innovative methods of gathering, recording and analyzing data is going to play a big part of business in the foreseeable future.[read more]

What Does a VC Look for in a Big Data Startup? [VIDEO]

February 27, 2014 by Todd Nevins

Big data and venture capital.

Venture Capital firms and Angel investors pumped in over $3.6 billion into Big Data startups in 2013 and investments this year are expected to top this figure. Jake Flomenberg started writing code and managing products with Lockheed Martin and Cloudera before moving into a role with Splunk.[read more]

It's Past Time for the Next Generation of Business Planning

October 15, 2013 by Robert Kugel

Business planning as practiced today is a relic, a process hemmed in by obsolete conceptions of what it should be. I use the term “business planning” to encompass all of the forward-looking activities in which companies routinely engage, including, for example, sales, production and head-count planning as well as budgeting.[read more]


3 Secrets of a Successful Business Intelligence Strategy

October 7, 2013 by Matillion BI

Ready to be shocked? Many of business intelligence strategies are flawed - focusing on the wrong things, in the wrong order, and going about delivering an ROI in the wrong way. The bottom line: the best business intelligence strategy strives to keep business intelligence focused, benefit-led, and affordable.[read more]

VisionWaves: The Case for a Global Business Cockpit

September 19, 2013 by Jorge Garcia

VisionWaves is a software provider that has developed tools of this sort aiming to help users visualize and understand what is happening and how it relates to important business areas, thereby achieving a comprehensive view of their business. Beyond monitoring their organization from a data perspective, VisionWaves’ complete business cockpit enables users to connect the dots between data, processes, and people.[read more]

Looking Beyond the Data Horizon: Building the Business Case for Data Quality

September 2, 2013 by Gayle Nixon

There is a growing body of evidence to demonstrate that poor data quality (DQ) has a major economic and reputational impact on organizations. There are a plethora of reasons why businesses fail to accept cases for action and change, whether they are data related or not.[read more]


Five Reasons Excel Is Your Worst Enemy for Budgeting and Forecasting

July 7, 2013 by Ian Nicholson

Excel / shutterstock

Excel is undoubtedly the most ubiquitous business tool in existence. Just about everyone has it installed on their PC and it can be used for an enormous range of tasks within any organization. However, when using Excel for Performance Management, it can quickly turn into your worst enemy.[read more]

Bring Your Own Software


It’s become very difficult for IT to police who brings personal devices into the enterprise (never mind what people do with them). You’ve probably heard of BYOD, a trend that will surely continue. But what about bringing your own software? Is this a nascent trend about which IT has to worry?[read more]

First Look: OpenL Tablets

June 9, 2013 by James Taylor

Exigen Services OpenL tablets

OpenL Tablets is an open source business rules management system that Exigen has been developing since 2004. The focus of OpenL Tablets is on allowing business analysts to create and manage business rules independently from a technical team.[read more]

Great Analytics Vendors: 5 Must-Have Traits

June 6, 2013 by Melissa Thermidor

What does a good analytics vendor look like?

Let’s face it: the best way to make your organization more data-driven is to get the best analytics talent within your organization. So what should you look for in your analytics vendor?[read more]

Finding the Right Sponsor for Your Big Data Project

May 22, 2013 by Mark van Rijmenam

What's your Big Data strategy? / shutterstock

Earlier we discussed that big data should be a Strategy matter instead of an IT matter. Let’s dive a bit deeper into the reasoning behind this and find out who within the organization should be the sponsor for a big data strategy. It would be wise to have one high up in the organization.[read more]