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Facebook's Big Data: Equal Parts Exciting and Terrifying?

February 18, 2014 by Bernard Marr

Big Data Guru column.

This post looks at the gigantic big data repositories Facebook is creating and discusses the exciting as well as terrifying opportunities to exploit that big data. The question is, does big data analytics put too much power in the hands of a commercial company like Facebook?[read more]


Amazon: Using Big Data Analytics to Read Your Mind

February 6, 2014 by Bernard Marr

The Big Data Guru column.

This post looks at Amazon's ability to use big data to predict what we will buy in the future. It discusses Amazon's latest patent filing around anticipatory shipping and the implications of increasingly accurate big data analytics.[read more]

MasterCard Applies Big Data to Help Retailers Achieve Better Results

December 20, 2013 by Mark van Rijmenam

Apart from preventing fraudulent behavior and identifying and preventing fraudulent transactions before they occur, MasterCard applies big data in another innovative way. It knows what everyone buys, and they are using big data techniques to offer reports, insights, customer information and forecasts to their merchants.[read more]


3 Tips for Selling Your Boss on Big Data

December 19, 2013 by Gil Allouche

Big Data pros (thetaxhaven/Flicker)

The key to promoting big data to the higher-ups is to appeal to what they care about most, which means focusing on how analytics will benefit the company’s bottom line. With that tactic in mind here are three tips for selling your boss on big data as a service.[read more]

What Is Coinbase?

December 17, 2013 by Chris Dixon

bitcoin / shutterstock

To proliferate widely, Bitcoin needs a killer app the same way HTTP had web browsers and SMTP had email clients. That’s why I’m excited to announce that Andreessen Horowitz is leading a $25M financing of Coinbase, a service that provides an accessible interface to the Bitcoin protocol.[read more]

Will 2014 Bring the Death of the IT Manager?

December 14, 2013 by Danny Walker

IT Manager in 2014?

Computer Weekly predicts that IT departments will shrink by as much as 75% over the next five years as cloud accelerates, while Gartner predicts that by 2017, the chief marketing officer will spend more on software than the chief information officer. So does this mean the death of the IT manager in 2014?[read more]


Solving the Challenge of Customer-Facing Analytics

August 22, 2013 by Ian Nicholson

These factors are influencing a growing demand for customer-facing analytics. Put simply, your customers now expect to connect with your business in a way that allows them to see and understand how they are dealing with you. However, there are many things to consider before providing such a solution.[read more]

What Data Do the Five Largest Tech Companies Collect? [INFOGRAPHIC]

July 21, 2013 by Mark van Rijmenam

What's Google got on you?

Big Data brings big privacy issues. Baynote has created an infographic that shows the vast amounts of different types of data collected by the five largest tech companies in the world -- Google, Apple, Facebook, Yahoo! and Amazon -- ranging from search queries, profile information to even your phone number.[read more]

How Coca-Cola Takes a Refreshing Approach to Big Data

July 19, 2013 by Mark van Rijmenam

Coca-Cola's Big Data approach (image via The Coca-Cola Company)

Coca-Cola collects vast amounts of data, and they take a refreshing approach in exploiting that data and deriving value from it. Chief Big Data Insights Officer Esat Sezer explains that Coca-Cola takes a strategic approach instead of a tactical approach with big data.[read more]

First Look: Sparkling Logic Update

July 18, 2013 by James Taylor

Sparkling Logic update

I got an update on Sparkling Logic's new Kyoto release, which has a big focus on the user interface and on making the information in the system more accessible. Besides usability improvements, projects can also be exported to different execution engines such as JBoss Drools.[read more]

Four Ways to Make Enterprise Social Work

July 17, 2013 by Timo Elliott

How to do enterprise social right

The latest research shows that adoption of enterprise social within organizations has been disappointing. A mere 10-20% of eligible workers actively use their organization’s social platform, according to more than half of respondents to a Dachis Group study. Why hasn't enterprise social caught on?[read more]

First Look: Teradata Integrated Marketing Management

July 15, 2013 by James Taylor

What's Teradata been up to?

I got an update on Teradata’s Integrated Marketing Management (IMM) solutions recently as part of my ongoing series on Marketing Decision Management. These solutions have evolved from internally developed Teradata solutions as well as their acquisitions of Aprimo, eCircle and Market Helm Interactive.[read more] Is Full of Surprises

July 11, 2013 by Richard Snow

Anyone who follows is used to surprises, but over the last couple of months the company has come up with some that go beyond the usual. At a recent user conference in London, two messages struck major chords with me.[read more]

Rethinking Processes: What an Old Carmaker Can Teach Us About Innovation

June 20, 2013 by Tom Loveland

General Motors is a new company. That’s right—the old, hulking (and recently bankrupt) giant of American industry has the DNA of a startup. How did GM innovate their way out of bankruptcy? They retooled old manufacturing processes and gave operators a bigger role in problem-solving.[read more]

SAS Aligns Marketing and Customer Intelligence

June 17, 2013 by Richard Snow

SAS mobile device deployments

SAS is focusing more on business solutions built with data visualization and discovery, big data, data management, cloud computing, marketing analytics (which appears to be the new branding for customer intelligence) and enterprise decision management.[read more]